worship check-in

This Summer our Spiritual Practice of focus is prayer and everyone is encouraged to try a new way to practice this discipline. The ideas are endless, so try several from this list and then see how else God inspires you to pray. Here are some starter ideas:

Breath Prayers: Have a single prayer that you can pray in one breath and pray it over and over. For example: “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner” or “Lord I breathe in your peace”.

Centering Prayer: Quiet your thoughts and center your mind on God without talking.

Artistic Prayer: Create while you pray. Try prayer as you coloring, cooking, woodworking, crocheting, etc.

Prayer walks: Pray as you walk. Pray for your neighbors and for the places you walk by. Look for opportunities to pray with Greenfield UMC in our church, at Lake Greenfield, and around town and Adair County. (Coming in July.)

Occassional prayers: Pray at mealtime, while in the car, for those who need help, ask for God’s blessings, pray for rain.

Pray with your senses: Use your God-given gifts of touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste to form prayers.

Pray in scripture: Pray as you read a parable, psalm, or other text from the Bible.