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spiritual practices - march - Fasting

This month, during Lent, we are focusing on the Spiritual Practice of Fasting.

Lent is the six-week period leading up to Easter. During Lent, we commemorate Jesus’s death and burial before celebrating the resurrection. Christians have observed Lent over the centuries through fasting, the practice of abstaining from something you enjoy for a set amount of time. Often, we are challenged and inspired by Jesus’ own fasts, including his fast in the wilderness.

Fasting is about remembering that God comes first in our lives. It helps us practice saying “no” to our desires and saying “yes” to Jesus. When we give up something for Lent, we are more focused on God than things that may distract us. Rather than focusing on a craving for food we might hunger and thirst for what’s good and true. (Matthew 5:16)

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