Fields of Faith

See a clip about Fields of Faith on Market to Market. A link to the clip is here. God is using these people mightily!

Greenfield UMC has a ministry called Fields of Faith in which several farmers in our congregation work with other local farmers and agricultural suppliers to plant, care for and harvest a soybean field. The land, seed, any applications, labor, and machinery are all donated. At harvest the crop is sold and 100% of the money is contributed to Growing Hope Globally, an interdenominational ministry which works closely with UMCOR and other effective and respected international Christian aid agencies. In conjunction with these groups Foods Resource Bank supports communities to locally solve systemic hunger problems. Fields of Faith raised $37,000 in 2014 and has raised about $315,000 since the ministry started in 2005. You are welcome to join this ministry or help us as we look to expand this work of Christ.