Why Small Groups

Wesley’s first group of “Methodists” (as they were jeeringly called by others) was a group of four people who met together at college to support each others’ walk in Christian faith. As the group grew and as Wesley traveled and set up new “societies” around England he built the collections of people around small groups. In fact, a person could not attend the larger meetings unless they had attended the small groups. They were that important to him.

Wesley’s groups were by no means a new idea. Throughout the New Testament you can read about the small groups and house meetings which grew and are still transforming the world. Small groups give us a place to grow in trust of our brothers and sisters in Christ, to learn how to witness, to learn from the witness of others, to rejoice in the places where we are becoming more like Christ, and to humbly (and often, believe it or not, joyfully) see the places where Christ is asking us to change. Come and join one!