About Us

9:00 am Worship – our most traditional worship service

10:00 am Fellowship

10:10 am Sunday School – all ages

11:00 am Worship – designed for people who are new to church, also with contemporary music

On the 5th Sunday of the Month we have a combined service at 10am with a shared lunch afterward.

*Note: In May 2024 we will have only combined services, at 10am.

Greenfield United Methodist Church is a community of people grounded in the shared belief in and witness to the Triune God. As a part of the Body of Christ and the United Methodist Church¬†we worship, serve, teach, and tell the glories of God. Representing believers who are “from here” as well as those who have recently moved to the community, we represent those who have grown up in the faith and those who have recently come to believe in Jesus Christ. We welcome with open arms those seeking to understand what Christianity is about, as well as those who are yearning to deepen their discipleship and grow into the likeness of Christ. Feel free to join us in worship, work with us in mission, or take advantage of the various ministries we offer for physical or spiritual needs. May the peace of Christ be with you this day and always.